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The ECOTEL Certification, managed by HVS, enables environment friendly systems, processes and operational practices for hospitality that makes them more sustainable. ECOTEL® was developed by HVS in 1994 along with the Rocky Mountain Institute, USA and the help of engineering and hospitality experts.  Being the world’s leading consulting and services organisation focused on hotel, restaurant, shared ownership, gaming, and leisure industries, HVS applied environment-friendly practices to hospitality.
The certification, which evolved as a “Hallmark of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels” was truly pioneering as at that time it was among the first to apply earth-friendly practices specifically to hospitality operations. The ECOTEL programme, initially headed out of HVS’s New York office, was very well received and more than 30 hotels in the USA, South America and Japan became members. This was a time that the concept of sustainability itself was emerging with the linkage between environment protection and social and economic development. The Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 brought it to the forefront; since then, workplaces worldwide have focused on reducing their environmental footprint. This was further reaffirmed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002, after which sustainable development went viral.


The ECOTEL certification remains among the pioneering programmes that incorporated the pillars of sustainability with a focus on environment protection. While the globes on Water and Energy Management focus on conserving resources and reducing emissions, the globe on Waste Management diverts waste from landfill. The Employee Education and Community Involvement globe foresaw an environment management system through the creation of a green team and training for staff to empower them to enable the agenda for sustainability. In addition, it envisaged incorporating the social pillar of sustainability by involving hotels in community projects. The ECOTEL programme, over time, shifted its base to India, where it has seen steady growth after the successful model provided by the first ECOTEL hotel in Asia in 1995.



Since its inception, ECOTEL has evolved in keeping with advances in global warming, resource conservation, pollution prevention, building standards and social responsibility. Today, its criteria are commensurate with those internationally recognised for sustainability. The programme is managed by  HVS Sustainability. Listed below are some changes that ECOTEL has undergone to evolve itself further:
The ‘Five Globes’ or the criteria for ECOTEL certification have been broadened in scope  with new standards built into each of these globes, reflecting scientific and technological advances and international treaties and thoughts.
The Employee Education and Community Development globe focuses more strongly on ensuring community development that is in line with any of the Millennium Development Goals. Additionally, it envisages engaging the employees through training, communication and reduction of the silo approach to ensure sustainable practices.
While previously the Environment Commitment globe ensured compliance with environmental regulations that were still in their infancy, the globe now renamed as Sustainability Commitment ensures that the policy environment and growth of the hotel are driven by sustainability.
Qualifying for certification entails satisfying the primary criteria or features considered essential to being an ECOTEL in all five globes. At the time of audit the property must score a minimum of 40 percent in each of the Five Globes. Previously, it was mandatory to qualify in at least two of the five globes to be an ECOTEL.
The website itself has been redesigned and the Five-Globe criteria have evolved to keep current with advances in global warming, resource conservation, pollution prevention, building standards and social responsibility. Today, its criteria are commensurate with those internationally recognised for sustainability.
The training programme has been developed further in keeping with the new criteria for all member hotels with a view to enable transfer of knowledge to prospective/member hotels to facilitate sustainable operations.


ECOTEL assists hotels in setting standards in environmental best practices, which in turn helps them cut back on operating costs and increases their overall competitiveness. ECOTEL's mission is "to enable hotels to achieve a strategic and economic advantage through environment-friendly operations, systems and processes while positively impacting their local communities.” ECOTEL aims to do this through its certification and training workshops, which empower hotel communities to improve their standards without compromising the environment.


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